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With expert care and attention, Carspecken Scott Gallery provides a wide variety of art restoration services. From original works on canvas to paper, mixed media, etchings and giclees, we pride ourselves in returning your artwork to its near original form.

We offer a free, no obligation consultation of your artwork and all of our restoration work is fully guaranteed. 

Fingermarks from the most handled areas during framing, shipping and handling can be removed. Yellowing due to exposure to ultra violet light, age and acidification is also addressed. Further, common surface scratches and cracking can be gently buffed away and varnish residue can be removed prior to a new varnish coating. 

Many people do not realize that artwork exposed to humid areas, such as beach front properties, can become damaged by moisture and mold. By the use of various chemicals and drying techniques, we can repair artwork with these types of issues.

Is it time to have your investment inspected and cleaned?.

Pictured below is an early 19th Century portrait midway in the cleaning process.  Just imagine the difference we can achieve for your work of art.

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